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CEU. Values Work

Transformative Values: An Exclusive Look Behind the Scenes of CEU's New Digital Spot.

We are thrilled to share an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse of CEU's latest project, brought to life by the creative minds at SUMMER agency and impeccably produced by

This digital spot, titled "Values Work," goes beyond a mere advertising campaign; it is a celebration of the fundamental principles that drive the institution of CEU.

The Team Making It Happen:

  • Agency: SUMMER: A creative team that has successfully captured the essence and vision of CEU. From the inception of the idea to its realization, SUMMER has tirelessly worked to convey the values of the institution through every frame.

  • Executive Producer: Beatriz Acinas:

  • Photographer: José Luis Tejedor:

  • Director: Rebeca Calle: Under the talented direction of Rebeca Calle, the digital spot comes to life, highlighting the importance of values in the CEU educational experience.

The Centerpiece: "Values Work"

This digital spot, more than a mere presentation, is a journey through the values that define CEU. From diversity to academic excellence, each scene is meticulously designed to convey the essence of an education grounded in solid principles.

Don't Miss This Inspiring Journey! 🎓✨

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