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"BBVA Mobile POS: Transforming the Payment Experience in the Digital World"

We embark on an exciting journey into the revolution of online payments with BBVA. Through the collaboration between the financial giant and the leading agency Accenture, coupled with the outstanding production of ADHOKERS, we present "BBVA Mobile POS." This digital spot not only marks a milestone in financial innovation but also redefines how we conduct transactions in the digital realm.

The Master Team behind the Magic:

  • Agency: ACCENTURE: A driving force behind digital transformation in the financial industry. The collaboration with BBVA has resulted in a forward-thinking vision of the payment experience.

  • Executive Producer: Beatriz Acinas

  • Producer: José Luis Tejedor

  • Director: Igor Fioravanti: Under the expert direction of Igor Fioravanti, this digital spot comes to life, strikingly showcasing how BBVA is at the forefront of the financial revolution.

The Central Piece: "BBVA Mobile POS"

This digital spot goes beyond introducing a new service; it testifies to how BBVA is leading the transformation of the payment experience in the digital environment. From the convenience of the mobile POS to the security and efficiency in transactions, each element has been carefully designed to enhance the user experience.

Don't miss this thrilling chapter in financial evolution! 💳✨

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