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Hyundai Kona

"Exploring Innovation: The New KONA with Hyundai Digital Key DC"

In this instance, we delve into the thrilling automotive universe to introduce Hyundai's latest milestone: the "New KONA with Hyundai Digital Key." This innovative gem, crafted in collaboration with the INNOCEAN agency and the outstanding production of ADHOKERS, not only redefines the driving experience but also sets new standards in the integration of technology and comfort in the automotive world.

The Fearless Team:

  • Agency: INNOCEAN: A creative team that has captured the dynamic and modern essence of Hyundai. The collaboration with Hyundai has resulted in a forward-thinking vision reflected in every detail of the "New KONA with Hyundai Digital Key."

  • Executive Producer: Beatriz Acinas

  • Producer: José Luis Tejedor

  • Director: Rebeca Calle: Under the talented direction of Rebeca Calle, this digital spot comes to life, highlighting the unique features of the "New KONA with Hyundai Digital Key."

The Star of the Show: "New KONA with Hyundai Digital Key"

This digital spot is not just a glimpse of a car; it is an immersion into the revolutionary experience offered by the "New KONA with Hyundai Digital Key." From keyless entry to advanced digital functions, each element reflects Hyundai's dedication to innovation and driver comfort, without fears!

Don't miss this thrilling journey! 🚗💡

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