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Lila Barça

"Lila Barça: Celebrating Strength and Elegance on Women's Day with FC Barcelona Femenino."

Hello, football enthusiasts and advocates for equality! We are delighted to immerse ourselves in the captivating world of FC Barcelona Femenino and their latest project, "Lila Barça," created in collaboration with LOLA MULLENLOWE agency and the outstanding production by ADHOKERS. This digital spot, crafted to commemorate Women's Day, is not just an extraordinary piece of audiovisual experimentation; it is also a tribute to the strength and elegance of women in sports.

The Team Behind the Magic:

  • Agency: LOLA MULLENLOWE: A creative team that has successfully captured the vibrant and empowering essence of FC Barcelona Femenino.

  • Executive Producer: Beatriz Acinas

  • Producer: José Luis Tejedor

  • Director: Under our LAB division, Pablo Coppel: Under the direction of Pablo Coppel, this digital spot comes to life, capturing the energy and grace that define FC Barcelona Femenino.

The Central Piece: "Lila Barça"

This digital spot, dedicated to Women's Day, goes beyond the action on the field. "Lila Barça" is a tribute to the strength, determination, and beauty that characterize women's football, encapsulating the unique essence of FC Barcelona Femenino.

Discover the magic of "Lila Barça," celebrate Women's Day with FC Barcelona Femenino, and join the conversation about empowerment and equality in sports. Don't miss this exciting tribute to female talent in football! ⚽✨

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